LOOP is dedicated to clients to let them create translation and proofreading projects by sending a simple email.

LOOP solution allows you to setup a project template. Based on these settings, the system creates automatically a project with the content inside the sent email.

The API is still in beta and needs to be setup with the help of TextMaster. Please get in touch:

Work Flow

The process is based on a project template, registered by the user. It identifies accounts that could send an email, a setup required information for a project creation, like:

  • The source language of the email
  • The target language
  • The category
  • The minimum language level

In order to help users to quickly use this system, pre-setup settings are available, as well as some pre-formatted template. Each pre-formatted template has an id that the user includes in the support email address, in order to know what to include inside the created project. Basically, after creating a template project, an email address is given to the user, where he just needs to send an email to translate / proofread.


Project Template Interface

In order to generate automatically emails, the system needs to have specific templates setup. It defines the specificity of the emails you will send. You can setup as many template as you need to translate / proofread from a language to another.

The API is still in beta. All your templates need to be setup with the help of TextMaster


Project Creation

The email has to be sent to the sender specified in the project template configuration page.

Project creation email

A project is created, and if the account has enough credits, it is launched. A specific acknowledgement email is sent to the sender only.

In case the sender and / or the recipient email do not match together. An email is sent back to the user.

Project confirmation

When the project is ready for review, an email is sent to the person that has created the project, the information sent in this email is configurable in the settings of the associated template, as well as the recipient of the email.